VA Boston Healthcare System (VABHS)

Mesothelioma patients in the Greater Boston area can travel to one of eight VA Boston Healthcare System locations depending on the type of treatment they need. The large healthcare system is known for its partnerships with reputable schools and hospitals.

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About the VA Boston Healthcare System

The VA Boston Healthcare System (VABHS) is a group of medical centers run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The Boston area hospital system comprises of eight campuses, including three major hospitals in Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, and Brockton. The VA Boston Healthcare System provides inpatient and outpatient care and specialty services, including cancer care, surgery, and mental health treatment.

The healthcare system serves over 60,000 patients annually and contains over 549 hospital beds. Veterans in the Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex, and Plymouth counties throughout Massachusetts can access the VA Boston Healthcare System medical centers or outpatient clinics.

VA Boston Healthcare System Cancer Center Locations

The main hospitals of VABHS merged over 20 years ago to form three locations in the Boston area. Main locations like Brockton and Jamaica Plain offer more invasive mesothelioma treatments, including surgery, fluid removal, and radiation therapy. For the full list of Boston VA cancer center locations see the bottom of the page.

The Boston VA Healthcare System Multimodal Approach

A mesothelioma diagnosis requires individualized treatment from a multimodal team of doctors and specialists. The location and disease stage determine which treatments are right for each mesothelioma diagnosis. Mesothelioma treatment typically involves two or three methods, such as chemotherapy and surgery, or palliative treatments and chemotherapy. The Boston VA Healthcare System consists of doctors and specialists from all areas of the medical field.

Education and Research

The hospital system provides opportunities for new treatment options and treatment combinations through its research program. The VABHS maintains partnerships with various medical and educational institutions, including the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Medicine, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Through these educational partnerships, mesothelioma patients can receive a full range of health services backed by state-of-the-art technology and one of the most active research programs in the VA.

Treatment Options at Boston VA

Veterans make up a third of all new mesothelioma cases each year. A large number of veterans with mesothelioma were first exposed to asbestos during their service. The cancerous mineral was widely used in all branches of the military until the 1970s. Existing asbestos remained throughout buildings and Navy ships for years, increasing the risk for long-term health hazards from frequent exposure.

Leading VA medical centers like the VA Boston Healthcare System provide necessary treatment to veterans with asbestos-related conditions. Although the hospital system primarily serves the Greater Boston area, any veteran enrolled in the VA’s Healthcare System may be eligible to receive care at the VABHS. Eligible mesothelioma patients can receive a variety of treatments, such as extrapleural pneumonectomy or pleurectomy with decortication.

Patients registered with the VA Healthcare System can receive care at any VA facility accessible to them. Access to some of the top mesothelioma treatment centers is available through the VA with locations throughout the United States. These cancer treatment centers include:

VA Boston Healthcare System Specialists and Staff

The hospital system employs skilled doctors and staff with experience in treating mesothelioma patients. With a multidisciplinary team approach, each staff member at the VABHS plays an essential role in mesothelioma treatment. Top mesothelioma specialists at the VA Boston Healthcare System include Dr. Haswsan Khalil, Dr. Avi Lebenthal, Dr. Brian Whang, and Dr. Daniel Wiener. These top medical doctors specialize in mesothelioma treatment and hold tenures at highly ranked mesothelioma hospitals affiliated with the VABHS.

Types of mesothelioma staff and specialists that work at the VA Boston Healthcare System include:

  • Cardiologists
  • Critical care interventionists
  • Dedicated social workers
  • Gastroenterologists
  • General thoracic surgeons
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants
  • Pulmonologists
  • Respiratory care specialists
  • Specialized nurses
  • Surgery residents
  • Thoracic anesthesiologists

Filling With the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Boston

Any veteran who was honorably discharged may be eligible to receive healthcare covered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The military covers expenses related to asbestos exposure in the military and other toxic exposures. Other than health care, veterans can receive disability benefits, survivor benefits, and compensation for other medical expenses.

To file for veterans benefits, you must prove your mesothelioma diagnosis from a doctor, provide evidence of asbestos exposure in the military, and a statement from a doctor linking asbestos exposure to your diagnosis. Veterans can file for VA benefits online, over the phone with a VA claims agent, or by visiting a VA regional benefit office. Read more about the current VA disability rates.

Types of Compensation For Veterans

Mesothelioma often spreads fast. To speed up the process of receiving compensation, working with a mesothelioma or asbestos attorney may be the best option. Many veterans can receive additional funding through asbestos litigation. Filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the companies that manufactured and sold asbestos products leads to thousands of dollars recovered in damaged. Experienced attorneys know exactly what information is needed to file a claim and where they need to find evidence of negligent asbestos exposure.

List of VA Medical Centers Contact Information

Brockton VA Medical Center

The Brockton Campus provides primary care and specialty services. Mesothelioma patients can visit this VA Boston Healthcare System location for palliative and hospice care, mental health treatment, and cancer care.

Address: 940 Belmont Street, Brockton, MA 02301-5596

Main Phone Number: 508-583-4500

Jamaica Plain VA Medical Center

Similar to Brockton, the Jamaica Plain campus provides primary and specialty care. This campus is home to the only VA radiation oncology program in the region. Veterans with mesothelioma can receive a variety of treatments at this location, including surgery, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Address: 150 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130-4817

Main Phone Number: 617-232-9500

West Roxbury VA Medical Center

The West Roxbury VA Medical Center, located southwest of Boston, provides a variety of health services and cancer treatments. Doctors often refer mesothelioma patients in the area to the West Roxbury campus for cancer-related surgery.

Address: 1400 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, MA 02132-4927

Main Phone Number: 617-323-7700

Boston VA Health Clinic Locations

Residents in or outside of Boston can access VA healthcare and mesothelioma treatment at one of the system’s health clinic locations. Most VA Boston locations carry out routine procedures such as a blood draw.

Causeway VA Clinic

Address: 251 Causeway Street, Boston, MA 02114-2104

Main Phone Number: 617-248-1000

Framingham VA Clinic

Address: 61 Lincoln Street, Suite 112, Framingham, MA 01702-8264

Main Phone Number: 800-865-3384

Lowell VA Clinic

Address: 130 Marshall Road, Lowell, MA 01852-5130

Main Phone Number: 800-865-3384

Plymouth VA Clinic

Address: 116 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360-2663

Main Phone Number: 800-865-3384

Quincy VA Clinic

Address: 110 West Squantam Street, Quincy, MA 02171-2122

Main Phone Number: 800-865-3384