Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center

Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center is a leader in innovative cancer care, providing personalized treatment plans and a dedicated team of specialists for patients suffering from all types of cancer, including mesothelioma. This Texas-based center is known for its advanced treatment options, clinical trials, and commitment to patient well-being.

Cancer researcher at Baylor Scott & White Health collecting data for a clinical trial.

Baylor Scott & White Health Cancer Center – Specialized Treatment

Baylor Scott & White Health, located in Dallas Texas, takes an innovative approach to cancer care and treatment for those suffering from mesothelioma. As the largest not-for-profit in Texas, the center is ranked among the best hospitals in the nation for their advanced cancer treatment and clinical trials. We understand how important personalized treatment plans are, and at Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan and a specialized team of doctors assigned to your case. Learn more about cancer care, the different treatment options, and clinical trials offered at Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center.

What is Baylor Scott & White Health Cancer Center Known for?

Baylor Scott & White has more total awards and award-winning hospitals than any other not-for-profit in Texas. The center has been locally and nationally recognized for its nursing excellence, patient experience, and healthcare plans. The American College of Surgeons first recognized it in 1933 as the first cancer diagnostic and treatment center in Texas. The once 25-bed medical center has now grown to 914 beds, allowing it to care for over 300,000 patients every year. They also have specialized mesothelioma treatment cancer centers across Texas.

No matter the type of cancer or how complex your case may be, a team of oncologists, radiation oncologists, and thoracic surgeons will create a personalized treatment plan for you based on your prognosis. Their network of surgeons meets at multidisciplinary tumor board conferences to discuss the most complex cancer cases, evaluate the best treatment options, and offer recommendations for minimally invasive treatments, surgery, or advanced and modern techniques. Innovative cancer treatments at centers like Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center have increased lung cancer survival rates by 54%, allowing those suffering from cancer more time with their loved ones.

Mesothelioma Program at Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center

Although there is no cure for mesothelioma, the specialists at the Chest Cancer Research and Treatment Center at Baylor Scott & White – Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center in Dallas provide expert care for malignant mesothelioma patients. Since mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer, many hospitals do not have a team specialized in treating it. Baylor Scott & White Health has unique treatment options for those suffering from mesothelioma, such as integrative medicine and genetic testing.

In the earlier stages of mesothelioma, surgery is the standard treatment option. Unfortunately, in most cases, surgeries are not able to remove all the tumors because mesothelioma is considered an aggressive form of cancer and tends to metastasize quickly. Instead of trying to remove the entire tumor, surgeons aim to manage symptoms and improve quality of life, including reducing chest pains and improving breathing.

Treatment Options at Baylor Scott & White Health

When seeking treatment options at Baylor Scott & White Health, your specialized team of dermatologists and medical and surgical oncologists will discuss every treatment plan that is available to you. Your team will answer any questions about your treatment options and guide you through selecting which treatment plan you want to follow.

Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center brings new hope to those suffering from cancer with its innovative treatment programs, including:

  • Alternative and integrative medicine: Combines modern medicine with complementary medicine, such as meditation and acupuncture, to treat biological and psychological problems.
  • Blood and marrow transplant: Infusing healthy stem cells into your body to replace unhealthy marrow with healthy cells.
  • Genetic counseling: Our trained genetic counselors will assess your likelihood of developing certain types of cancer.
  • Nutrition services: Comprehensive education, counseling, and lifestyle coaching to help better understand your diagnosis and the nutrients that may affect your cancer treatment.
  • Spiritual care: Chaplains attend visitations and counseling to support cancer patients and their families.

They also offer many common treatment options for those suffering from mesothelioma to choose from:

Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients

Every available medication and treatment option was at one point a clinical study. Clinical trials advance cancer care; without them, no new treatment options would exist. Participating in a clinical trial allows you to gain access to innovative treatment options before they are available. For the safety of those participating, every trial conducted at Baylor Scott & White Health is monitored closely throughout the study by scientists, laboratory assistants, research nurses, clinical research assistants, and research coordinators. They are conducting more than 1,400 research protocols testing the effectiveness and dosage amounts, along with evaluating any possible side effects. If you’re interested in participating or want more information about Baylor Scott & White’s clinical trials, follow their step-by-step sign-up.

Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center Locations and Information

Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center has many different facilities offering ground-breaking patient care throughout Texas for those suffering from mesothelioma, including:

  • Baylor Scott & White Imaging Center – Greenville
  • Baylor Scott & White Center for Thoracic Surgery – Tyler
  • Baylor Scott & White Imaging Center – Wylie
  • Baylor Scott & White Center for Thoracic Surgery – Rockwall
  • Baylor Scott & White Imaging Center – Rockwell

Their facilities throughout Texas offer exceptional cancer care, including treatment for mesothelioma patients. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate your treatment plan alone, but with Baylor Scott & White’s trusted team of doctors, you will feel confident with your prognosis.

At Mesothelioma Vets, our medical advocates can connect you with Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center medical specialists to learn more about their treatment options and see if you qualify for enrollment in one of their clinical trials. Our team is here to guide you through the process and help you obtain the care and support you need. If you or your loved one is a veteran suffering from mesothelioma, contact one of our patient advocates, as you may qualify for compensation.

Author: Mesothelioma Team – Last Edited: May 22, 2024


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