Where Can Veterans Get a Lung Cancer Screening?

VA medical centers offer low-dose CT scans to veterans who may have been exposed to hazardous materials during their service, in order to detect lung cancer as early as possible. Early detection can increase the chances of successful treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Female doctor in mask and gloves holding x ray scan of lungs after a lung cancer screening

Where a Veteran Can Get a Lung Cancer Screening

As veterans transition from military service to civilian life, their health often becomes a primary concern, particularly regarding potential exposure to carcinogens during their service. To know whether or not you have been affected by service-related carcinogens, a lung cancer screening highlights the possibility for early detection and preventive care. Exposure to carcinogens such as burn pits, Camp Lejeune contamination, and asbestos during military duty heightens the risk, making proactive screening measures imperative.

In this blog, we aim to highlight the importance of early detection in mitigating the impact of lung cancer among veterans, providing vital insights into where and how individuals can access screening services. Learn more about where you can get early detection and preventive care as we prioritize the health and well-being of the veteran community.

VA Cancer Centers and Systems Providing Screenings

If you or someone you know is a veteran in need of specialized medical care, the Veteran Affairs (VA) medical centers across the country are here to help. Their wide range of services cater to the unique needs of veterans, including cancer care. The VA has some of the top cancer centers in the country, staffed with experienced physicians and equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best possible care.

VA Boston Healthcare System (VABHS)

The VA Boston Healthcare System (VABHS) is a group of medical centers that are overseen by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The hospital system in Boston is made up of eight campuses, which include three major hospitals located in Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, and Brockton. The VA Boston Healthcare System offers inpatient and outpatient care, as well as specialty services such as cancer care, surgery, and mental health treatment.

VA Boston Health Care:

Albany Stratton VA Medical Center

The Albany Stratton VA Medical Center is a vital institution that serves around 50,000 veterans in New York and surrounding states every year. As one of the leading healthcare systems in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) network, the facility is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services, education, and research opportunities in partnership with other institutions and organizations. The Albany Stratton VA Medical Center is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of veterans and their families through compassionate and high-quality care.

Albany Stratton VA Medical Center

West Los Angeles VA Medical Center

The West Los Angeles VA Medical Center has a rich history that dates back to 1887, when it was established. Today, the medical center is widely recognized for its innovative treatments for mesothelioma, thanks to experts like Dr. Robert Cameron. Out of nearly 2,000 medical centers in the VA system, the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center stands out as one of the few that has the experience and technology needed to provide quality care for mesothelioma patients. Its innovative practices make it one of the best cancer hospitals in California.

Greater Los Angeles VA Health Care

VA Puget Sound Health Center

The VA Puget Sound Health Care System, located in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, is among the top healthcare systems for veterans in the Pacific Northwest. They provide innovative and collaborative treatment and care for their patients. The health system comprises two main hospitals and seven outpatient clinics spread across a 14-county service area, including Edmonds, Everett, Mount Vernon, Olympia, Port Angeles, Puyallup, and Silverdale. Veterans in Washington who are dealing with mesothelioma or lung cancer can receive personalized treatment plans involving multiple treatment options for each unique case at the VA centers in Seattle and Tacoma.

VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

The Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center was established in 1949 at the Baylor College of Medicine. Presently, the medical center caters to the healthcare needs of Harris County and 27 neighboring counties in Texas. The medical center is partnered with Baylor College of Medicine, and together, they house a variety of specialists. The VA Medical Center offers specialized care for mesothelioma, including diagnostic and procedural care, radiation therapy, surgery, and other treatments.

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

Marion VA Medical Center

The Marian VA Medical Center in Marion, Illinois, was originally established in 1942 as a hospital for soldiers returning from World War II. Since then, it has expanded its services to cater to veterans of all eras and now offers various medical services such as primary care, mental health care, and specialty care. The VA Marion is recognized as a comprehensive medical and cancer treatment center, providing chemotherapy, blood and platelet transfusions, evaluations, and treatments for cancer and blood disorders, among other services.

Marian VA Medical Center

How Can I Get Screened for Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma?

Feeling uncertain about your health status, especially as you navigate the complexities of the VA system, is entirely understandable. If you’re a veteran concerned about potential exposure to carcinogens like burn pits, Camp Lejeune contamination, or asbestos, proactive screening for lung cancer and mesothelioma is crucial. Our team is here to guide veterans through the process and provide the support you need. From outlining the steps to accessing screenings within the VA system to exploring alternative avenues for care, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back – take charge of your health today.

Lung Cancer Screenings Outside of the VA

If you are unable to access treatment at a VA medical center due to location or ineligibility, there are several other medical centers available that offer lung cancer screening services across the nation, including:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Siteman Cancer Center
  • BJC HealthCare
  • NYU Langone
  • Moffitt Cancer Center
  • UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Stanford Health Care
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Advocate Health Care
  • UCLA Health

These top-rated cancer treatment centers are equipped with state-of-the-art screening facilities and staffed by expert healthcare professionals who provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Does the VA Cover Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Screenings?

Yes, the VA does provide coverage for lung cancer and mesothelioma screenings under certain circumstances. Eligibility for these screenings is generally determined based on factors such as age, smoking history, and exposure to environmental hazards during military service, including asbestos. The VA prioritizes preventive care for veterans, recognizing the importance of early detection in managing these conditions effectively.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility or need assistance navigating the VA system to access these screenings, we’re here to help. Our team guides veterans through the process, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve. Contact us to learn more and schedule your lung cancer screening.